Seeing The World From A Different Point Of View

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Remember those times when you were a kid where you decided to look at things upside down? If you were like most other kids, you would lay down on a couch or chair and put your feet where your head should have been and your head where your feet should have been and hung your head upside down to see the world around you from a different viewpoint. Perhaps even more inspiring is the day when you realized as a kid that you should always look at the world around you from a different point of view. You can still look at things from different angles and different points of view, and here is how. 

Yacht Charters

You can stand on a beach and look out into the ocean, or you can climb aboard a yacht charter for a tour of the coastline and nearby islands. One thing you will definitely notice is how very different land looks when you are standing on the deck of a yacht. At first, the land looks slightly separate from the water that laps at the shore. Then the land looks like a thin strip of something near the horizon. Finally, you cannot see much of it at all, and you see more water than you see land. Your return trip to land is just as unique in how it teaches you to see things in a very different way. You can learn more by contacting a resource like the Naples Nantucket Yacht Group.

Helicopter Charters

Since 9/11, and even before, planes were not allowed to get really close to tall buildings. The risk of accidentally nicking the top or side of the building and clipping a wing is just too great. You can see these buildings from inside your plane as you begin the descent to land, but you cannot get close to them in the plane. In a chartered helicopter, however, you can see a lot of things up close and personal. Imagine being able to see the divets in the metal eyes of the Statue of Liberty and realize that they are indentations creating pupils and not small domes. It is quite a difference to see things this close and realize that what you see from far away is nothing like what you would expect. 

Spaceship Charters

If you have a few million dollars, there is a way to buy your seat on a rocket ship that will blast off regularly for space in the future. For a few hours, you can view the Earth that only a very few people have ever had the privilege of doing. This is the ultimate way to literally see the world from a different point of view. 

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