3 Reasons to Choose a Nighttime Tour at Alcatraz

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If you're visiting San Francisco, one of the attractions that you have to add to your to-do list is Alcatraz. Once a notorious prison, the island now welcomes tourists from all over the world. While your first instinct might be to visit Alcatraz during the day, look online for the availability of a nighttime tour instead. Multiple companies offer tours after dark, and this may be appealing to you. A nighttime tour may make sense if you're in San Francisco for a business trip and don't have any spare time during the day, but it's also valuable for any visitor because of the following three reasons.

1. Enjoy Cooler Temperatures

If you're someone who doesn't do well in the heat, you might opt to choose to spend the day indoors and then look for outdoor activities once the sun sets. San Francisco can be sunny and hot during the day throughout the summer months, and you may not be keen on doing a lot of walking when the sun is out. Visiting Alcatraz at night provides cooler conditions, which can help you to feel more energetic and keener to walk extensively throughout the tour without getting sweaty and uncomfortable.

2. Experience a Spookier Environment

There's no arguing that visiting Alcatraz is a slightly spooky experience. The rundown nature of the buildings, coupled with the knowledge that many of the country's worst criminals were once incarcerated in the cells around you, can send shivers up your spine. While Alcatraz can certainly feel spooky on a sunny day, this feeling only increases after dark. If you're the type of person who enjoys the rush of adrenaline that comes with spooky experiences, touring Alcatraz at night will be the right choice for you.

3. Spend Time with Fewer Children

Alcatraz is one of the city's most popular tourist attractions, which means that you'll commonly find families visiting during the daytime tours. While children may occasionally attend nighttime tours, you should expect to see fewer of them in the evening. You may be the type of person who prefers adults-only events. For example, when you travel to resorts, you might opt for those that only cater to guests who are 18 years of age or older. This nighttime tour is optimal for you if you want to visit quieter environments without children being loud.

If you're ready to book an Alcatraz night tour, contact services like Discover Town.

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