Why You Should Take Your Kids To The Dolly Parton Theme Park

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At first, the idea of taking your children to a theme park centered around a country singer might sound a little odd. Your children were not even alive when Dolly Parton was really popular. But indeed, there are a few reasons why a visit to such a theme park can still be really enjoyable — for the kids and for your whole family.

1. The kids will learn about Dolly Parton.

Dolly may not be as popular as she was in the 1970s and 1980s, but she had a profound impact on country music. She really drew attention to female recording artists in general and earned an incredible 10 Grammys during her career. As such, learning about Dolly is an important part of your kids' music education, and what better way to do that than to visit a Dolly Parton theme park? In between riding roller coasters and other rides, you can visit displays dedicated to Dolly and help teach your kids more about her.

2. The kids will enjoy the country music scene in general.

If your kids are not already into country music, you may wish to encourage this interest. With some exceptions, country music tends to be more friendly to kids than other genres like rock and hip hop. Dolly Parton theme parks play a lot of country music, and experiencing this in such a fun location may turn your kids onto the genre or strengthen their passion for it.

3. Southern food is amazing.

When you think of theme park food, what comes to mind? Most parks serve things like hot dogs, burgers, and pizza, which really are not that exciting. Dolly Parton theme parks serve delicious Southern food. You and your kids will all have fun trying the different dishes, which will make you feel more connected to the Southern culture.

4. The rides are more varied.

Since Dolly Parton's theme parks have been around a while, there is a little more variety than you might find in some more modern theme parks. You will find some older wooden roller coasters, which are a really fun experience to ride, and some of the old-fashioned rides, like giant swings.

A Dolly Parton theme park may not seem like the most likely place to spend time with your family, but your visit can actually be a lot of fun — and for reasons you might not expect.

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