Tips For Making A Bachelor Party Segway Tour Memorable

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If you're helping to plan a bachelor party for a friend, it's fun to think of a long list of suitable activities that the future groom and the entire group will enjoy. While there's nothing wrong with choosing common bachelor party activities such as playing a round of golf or attending a sporting event, you can help to make the event memorable by coming up with some options that most people in the group likely haven't experienced. One such option is a Segway tour — which is ideally available in your local area. Here are some tips for making the bachelor party Segway tour fun and memorable.

Make Up Some T-Shirts

It's common for bachelor party organizers to make T-shirts for the group to wear. Typically, these garments make reference to the outing that the group is on and may have some light-hearted jokes about getting married. Given that the Segway tour will be one of the highlights of the day — especially if you organize this outing as a surprise — it can be fun to keep this theme in mind when you design the shirts. For example, you might choose a silly slogan, such as "Cruising In Style Before The Wedding."

Have A Limo Waiting

There can be many reasons to start the bachelor party with a Segway tour. Given that bachelor parties often involve the consumption of alcohol, it's best to take the Segway tour before anyone has been drinking. Make plans to have a limo or another similar method of transportation waiting for you at the end of your Segway tour. For example, you can have everyone get dropped off where the Segway tour begins, and then arrange for your limo to be waiting in the parking lot just before the tour wraps up.

Arrange Some Surprises Along The Way

Good bachelor parties are often full of surprises, so it's fun to think about what surprises you can organize to take place throughout the Segway tour. If you want to document this adventure, think about arranging for a photographer — perhaps just a friend of yours who is highly adept at photography as a hobby — to meet the group somewhere along the tour route and snap some photos that everyone can share to their social media accounts. Segway tours often have short breaks midway through them, so think about giving the soon-to-be groom a gift from the group during this break.

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