4 Tips To Help You Find The Right Conference Room For Your Event And Rent The Right Equipment

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If you are planning a business event like a speaking engagement or corporate dinner, you need to find the right place to host the big night. In addition to finding the right conference room and accommodations for your event, you will also need to have the right services and equipment, like the audio and visual gear. The following tips will help ensure you have the right equipment when you get ready to host a business event: 

The Number of Guests — and Finding A Hotel With Rooms and Big Enough Conference Rooms to Accommodate Attendees  

The number of guests that you are going to host and the size of the hotel where you host your event are important. It is not only important to find a hotel with the right size conference room; the number of rooms is also important. Finding a hotel with enough vacancies for your event will ensure it is a success and everybody that wants to attend can find a room. 

Talking With the Hotel About Options for Kitchen Use or Catering Your Event if Needed  

If you are hosting a dinner, you will need to have access to a kitchen to host your event. You may want to talk to the hotel where the event is going to be held about options for catering and using the hotel kitchen. In addition, if you plan on having drinks and refreshments, talk with the hotel about using the bar or setting up something in or near the conference room.  

Audio and Conferencing Equipment for Your Event and Choosing to Use Hotel Services or Rent Your Own 

If you are planning on doing a presentation and need audio and video equipment, you will want to make sure to plan for this. Sometimes the hotel conference rooms can have the equipment that you need, but often, you will need to rent your own. There are services that hotel management can help you find for renting and setting up the equipment you need to host your event.  

Choosing the Type of Tables for Dining, Seating, and Stage to Set Up for the Event You Are Planning to Host  

The type of seating you have for your event is also important. You want to talk to the hotel about using their seating. If your engagement is going to be longer and there are presentations, you may want to have more comfortable seating. In addition, if you are hosting a dinner and cocktails, you will want to have seating, tables, and standing room for cocktails and refreshments.  

If you want to host your next business event at a hotel, these tips will help you find the right place and get the right equipment to set up your event. If you need help finding the right location and amenities for your event, contact a hotel conference room service, like Clarion Hotel - Seattle International Airport, to find the right space to start planning.  

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