Tips For Your First Wine Tasting & Tour

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Even if you are not a big wine drinker, you might have considered going on a wine tour. After all, wine tours are in some of the most beautiful destinations in the country. Why wouldn't you want to explore these areas for yourself and maybe learn something new about wine?

If you are new to wine tours and tastings, you might have some questions about etiquette. How can you ensure that you are a good guest on your tour? These tips will help you.

Relax and Ask Questions

First, realize that a lot of people on the wine tour with you are going to be tasting wines for the first time. You are not alone as a first-timer, so don't feel like you have to impress anybody. Everybody there is tasting new drinks.

Come With a Clean Scent

It is important that you do not wear a lot of strong smells as you get ready for your wine tour. The smells you wear can actually interact with the way you smell and taste the wines on the tour. Plus, heavy scents can impair the experience of others.

You Can Swallow the Wine

In a lot of videos, you might see people spitting the wine into a cup to ensure that they don't drink too much of the alcohol and feel drunk. You will see that some people do spit the wine out, but a lot of people simply swallow it. This is a personal preference and may depend on how many stops you have on your tour. If you do decide to swallow the wine, drink slowly and ensure that you also drink a lot of water.

Try the Wines You Want

Generally, a wine tasting involves a selection of reds, a selection of whites, and then a few specialty wines. You do not have to try every wine, and you can feel free to express your desire to only try white wines, for example.

Buy Wine You Like

While you certainly do not have to buy wine, this is a good opportunity to expand your palate. Wines that you like will be available after the tasting, so feel free to pick up a case or a few bottles to show your appreciation for the wineries you visit.

With this information, you can choose to go on an exciting wine tour. Reach out to a company like Ambassador Limousine to learn more about wine tours today.

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