What To Look For In Your First Snorkel Tour

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Snorkel tours can be a good way to see what lies beneath the water in the place you are visiting. They are far more approachable than scuba diving tours, since the equipment is simple and you won't be venturing very far beneath the water. However, some snorkeling tours are better and more suited to beginners than others. Here are a few things to look for in a good first-timer's snorkel tour:

An Instruction Session

Snorkeling is not very hard to learn, but there is some learning involved. Look for a tour that includes a safety and instruction session before you actually go in the water. The instructor should spend at least a few minutes going over safety protocols, how to use a snorkel, and so forth. It is best if this takes place before you actually enter the water, since you'll be better able to learn and pay attention when you're not also focused on the beach, waterfront, and any apprehension you might have about snorkeling.

A Variety of Equipment

One of the biggest determinants of how nice of a snorkeling session you'll have will be the equipment and how it fits. If your mask is too loose, you'll get water in it, which will force you to take breaks and clear it. If your goggles are too tight, you'll be focused on the pain, not the beauty in front of you. Make sure the tour group offers a variety of equipment in different sizes and that they can properly fit you before the snorkeling adventure. A company that has only one size of equipment may not offer as enjoyable an experience.

A Lengthy Enough Session

You can find snorkeling tours that last 30 minutes and those that last 3 hours. While you do not necessarily need to spend three hours exploring the water, you won't get a lot out of a really short tour, either. Look for an experience that lasts at least an hour. Not only does this mean you'll have time to see more of the waterfront, but there's a good chance the tour guide will take more time explaining things and answering questions, which can make your snorkeling tour more educational.

Snorkeling tours can be really fun and quite safe, but you do need to know what to look for as you shop around for a tour. If you find a long-enough one with a good instructional session and equipment, book that excursion today!

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