Looking For A Tropical Vacation With Overwater Views? What To Know Planning Your Trip

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If you are trying to plan a tropical vacation and you're looking to get something that is out on the water, like being on your own little private island, consider different overwater bungalow options. These are luxury options that allow you to be right on top of the water, but to still enjoy the things that you get at a five-star resort. Consider these things while booking the vacation.

Type of Overwater Bungalow Rooms

You want to make sure that the overwater bungalows are what you have in mind, and are completely over water with outdoor swimming access. If you are looking for a room that has a glass-bottom floor, something that has a hot tub, or a unit with a private swimming pool attached to the bungalow, talk with the booking manager to make sure you get all the details that interest you.

Ask about water depth outside the bungalow where you can swim, and how close the other bungalows will be. This way you know what you are getting before you arrive.

Dining and Drinking Plan

Just because it says that the restaurant is all-inclusive, doesn't mean you will have your needs covered. If you are looking at all-inclusive overwater bungalows, ask about alcohol included, the types of alcohol that you will get, how many meals you will be able to eat a day and how many dining options there are. If there is only one restaurant, you may get tired of eating at the same place. Plan ahead by finding a resort with many dining options.

Available Excursions Amenities and Activities

Find out what excursions and amenities will be options for you. This could include different activities like:

  • Private beaches and pools
  • Boat tours
  • Snorkeling or scuba diving
  • Couples activities like dancing or cooking lessons
  • Golfing
  • Spa services

You want to know that you will have plenty to do during your time while you're on your vacation, and while you are enjoying your stay in the overwater bungalows.

Be sure that you talk with the hotel manager at any resort you are considering to see how you will get from the airport to the location, and about the different questions you have about the amenities. Set the budget and make sure that you are getting the most that you can for the money that you will pay for the trip. The resort may also have packages that don't just include the overwater bungalow but also the airfare as well.  

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