Short Visit To A New City? How To Decide What To Do

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Are you visiting a new city for a short visit but aren't sure what to see and do? Travelers may find themselves unsure about how to spend their time in a strange city for many reasons. You may not know much about the city itself. On the other hand, you may know too much and therefore want to avoid missing out on anything. Or you may find that you actually just have a vague idea of what you really want.

If you fall into any of these situations, here are a few easy and useful ways to decide what things to do in any city you visit. 

1. Make a Priority List.

Start by writing down what you do know about the city and its sights. Most people have at least some knowledge of the major tourist sites or must-do items in the area they plan to visit.  Of these, make a list of your own must-do items and prioritize them by number. Center your sightseeing and lodging plans around these key locations.

2. Compare Locations.

Look at where you will be staying overnight and determine how it relates to your priority list. If your list includes sites far away from your lodgings, you'll spend extra time and effort to get to them (by car, rideshare, or public transportation). If such sites aren't high on your priority list, you might consider excising them. If they are on your priority list, build in extra time to get from destination to destination. 

3. Do Local Research.

The internet provides a plethora of information sources about the city you plan to visit. Research things to do and sights to see, but look for insights from local-based sources and frequent travelers. Find out what the people who live, work, and play in that city think of each option. If you don't know about a place, you rarely go wrong seeking guidance from the local community. 

4. Don't Overbook.

Overdoing your plans in a strange city is a common travel challenge. Trying to do too much often causes you to end up either missing out or stressed and exhausted from the effort. Instead, base your plans on your main priority list. Do come up with a few secondary items to do if things go well. If you do get to the secondary sites, consider it the frosting on top of your successful day.

When you create a workable plan for sightseeing in a new city, you'll make the most of the time you have. And you'll ensure that you see what is most important while skipping the things that won't add value to your day.

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