A Destination Wedding To A Beautiful Location

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A destination wedding is a wedding in which the bride, groom, wedding party, and guests have all traveled to a desired location for the ceremony. Imagine a beautiful beach setting that features deep blue water and white sandy beaches or a mountainous setting that highlights a cliff that overlooks dense foliage and trees. You can use one of these settings or choose one of your own when planning your destination wedding.

Choose an Intimate Wedding Ceremony

It wouldn't be practical to invite a slew of people to a distant location and then expect them to handle hotel and transportation costs, plus their flight home. Most destination weddings cater to an intimate group of people. For instance, if you and your future spouse are both going to be working on guest lists, pick your immediate family members and then one or two people who will each make up your wedding party.

A smaller group of people will be easier to accommodate and you and the others may decide to take full advantage of the location that you have chosen, by exploring after the wedding and reception and taking part in some of the activities that are featured or by viewing landmarks that are of interest.

Decide Where You Want To Go and Factor In the Cost

Your wedding savings can be used for the majority of the fees that will be incurred during the getaway. Before you break down the costs and decide how you are going to accommodate your guests, make sure that you and your partner are in agreement about the venue where the ceremony will be taking place. If you choose a place that is not within the United States, you will need to make arrangements for everyone to acquire a passport, if they do not already have possession of one.

You will also want to choose a venue that employs people who speak English if a language barrier is going to be an issue. Choose a venue that will assist with the setup of the ceremony and the catering. If you choose a place that features an inn or a hotel, you and your guests will be conveniently accommodated after the festivities.

After the ceremony has ended, spend the night partying with your guests or partake in a moonlight sailing trip or a nighttime tour of the area. Because you won't be entertaining a lot of guests, you can pretty much choose any type of reception or comparable activity that you choose to celebrate your union.

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