Is A Repositioning Cruise Right For You? Here's What You Need To Know

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Repositioning cruises are cruises that occur when ships are changing seasonal locations. For instance, they may be leaving ports in Alaska in early autumn when the cruise season has run its course and heading for the Caribbean to begin that region's season. Some leave from Florida ports for transatlantic cruises with ports in Europe and the Mediterranean as their final destinations. These types of cruises have several unique advantages, but they aren't for everyone. They require more planning than their closed-loop counterparts, and even though you can find some great deals on them, these savings may be offset by increased transportation costs of getting back home. Here's what you need to know about repositioning cruises.

Repositioning Cruises Are Long

You can count on a repositioning cruise lasting at least 15 days, with most coming closer to 20 days. After all, you'll be traveling from one part of the planet to another. After you arrive at your destination, you can either book lodgings and stay for a while or fly back to your home. However, it's probably less expensive to go ahead and book a round-trip cruise instead if you don't intend on staying at the destination for more than a night or two.

Repositioning cruises have their best value for those who are using them in tandem with another travel experience. For instance, if you've been longing to explore the European continent, taking a repositioning cruise from Florida to a European destination such as Paris or Rome can be an excellent vacation choice, especially since these cruises usually involve stopping in at least four other ports of call before they reach their final destination. After you reach the final port, you'll be able to continue your exploration on your own terms.

Repositioning Cruises Occur During the Shoulder Season

Repositioning cruises happen during the shoulder seasons of both the departure and the destination ports, you may be able to get good seasonal discounts on lodging at both ends of your adventure. 

Repositioning Cruises May Be Difficult to Pack For 

One thing you'll have to keep in mind when taking a repositioning cruise is that you'll be going from one climate to another, which may make packing difficult. Packing separates that you can layer on an as-needed basis is recommended, especially if you'll be traveling from somewhere like Alaska to the Caribbean. If you're going from Florida to the Mediterranean, however, there won't be much change at all. You'll still need to pack enough for a long trip and keep in mind that many cruise ships don't have laundry service.

Repositioning cruises can be great vacation choices under the right circumstances, but they require a higher level of planning than their traditional counterparts. Contact a travel agent who plans tours and cruises for more information.

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