Valet Parking Isn't Just For The Rich! How (And Why) To Use The Hotel Valet

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There are countless reasons why people visit hotels. Business, pleasure, conventions, family reunions, celebrations… The reasons are as diverse as the people who visit. Many hotels, especially those located in larger cities, offer valet parking services. People see valet services in movies and associate it with the very wealthy, but don't let that deter you from using this helpful service. Hotel valet parking is something that anyone can use.

How does valet service work?

There will likely be a sign directing you where to go, but the valet is usually found in front of the hotel building. Pull in and leave your keys in the ignition. An attendant will approach your vehicle and give you a ticket that you need to hold on to. Unload your luggage and grab anything else you need, and then they will park your car. Be sure to give them a couple dollars (or more) for a tip, and go on your way!

The ticket that they give you is very important, so don't lose it. You will need it to get your vehicle back. There will likely be some information about the service and a phone number on the ticket. 

When you need your vehicle, call the valet to let them know so they can retrieve it for you. Head down to the valet, show them your ticket and tip them. If you are staying at the hotel, the service may be charged to your room. Sometimes you may need to pay when you get your car.

What are the benefits of using hotel valet service?

Using this service has many benefits for you as a guest:

  • It's incredibly easy and convenient.
  • It takes all the guesswork out of where and how to park.  
  • You don't have to navigate the dark and sometimes confusing parking garages.
  • You will save time because you don't have to search for a parking space.
  • Since the valet is often at the very front of the hotel, you won't have to go far with your bags. 
  • Valet services are likely to offer more secure parking. Since they don't want to get a bad reputation, your car will actually be safer than it would be parking on your own.
  • Since many people associate valet service with wealth, you will feel like a big deal if you use it!  It could give you a boost of confidence.

Not all hotels offer valet parking, but if you are staying at one that does, give it a shot!  It will be an additional fee, but it is worth it. Contact a company like Park at Dulles to learn more about your hotel parking options.

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