Athletic Activities To Enjoy In Maui

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If you are someone who enjoys athletic, high-energy activities, then the island of Maui is a great place to visit! The scenery is gorgeous, the terrain is varied, and the weather is nice all year round. Here are a few of the top athletic things do to in Maui.


The Hawaiian islands are known for their surfing culture. Maui has a few great surfing spots. Ho'okipa Beach on the north shore is known for its large swells, although it can also be prone to riptides. The Lahaina Reefs are a good choice for more novice surfers. There are usually a few professionals around that you can watch, but the waves are a little calmer. Honolua Bay is another top spot known for its world-class waves. If you don't know how to surf, there are places on the bay where you can take lessons.


Snorkeling is a good activity to enjoy if you have basic swimming abilities and love spending time in the water. It's a lot safer and less physically demanding than surfing. There are several snorkeling companies on Maui that will take groups out with an instructor or two. You'll get some basic guidance on how to snorkel, and the instructor will also point out various species of fish, plants, and other creatures. You'll get plenty of exercise during a one or two-hour snorkeling adventure, but you shouldn't be too exhausted to enjoy the rest of your trip.

Hang Gliding

Imagine being able to look down on the beautiful island of Maui from above. This is exactly what you can do as you hang glide. Hang gliding is more athletic than you might imagine since you need to support some of your own body weight and use your upper body to steer the glider. You should get a good amount of exercise if you just spend an hour or two up in the air. Most hang gliding places will take you over the rainforests and coastline of the island.

Stand Up Paddleboarding

Stand up paddleboarding is really popular on the island of Maui. You get a lot of core exercise because you need to hold yourself upright on the board, and you get upper body exercise from paddling. Good places to do stand up paddleboarding on Maui include Makena Landing and the West Maui Bay.

Whether you enjoy surfing, stand up paddleboarding, or something else entirely, it is easy to get lots of physical activity while seeing the sights in Maui.

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