Small Group Private Charters: Working A School

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If you're looking for an exciting and safe adventure this summer, small group private charters can deliver everything you're looking for. When it comes to getting the most bang for your fishing buck, learning how to work a school of feeding fish on a small group boat charter can big difference.

Here are just a few of the ways that you can catch more fish on a small group private charters trip.

Casting and Timing

When it comes to targeting fish on small group private charter trips, it helps to find a school of active fish. Once the school is located, casting and timing will help you put more fish on the deck.

Pick Your Spots

Fish tend to school in circles. The best way to work a school of fish with other anglers is to aim around the school. This means that if you're in the front of the boat, you should cast parallel to the school. The same casting pattern should extend from the front to the back of the boat.

Cast Beyond

Depending on the type of tackle you're using, it can take several cranks of your reel to bring your bait to the right depth. The best way to get the perfect presentation is to aim your casts beyond the school so that you can reel to the appropriate depth. To ensure that you optimize your casting distance, try to get more loft on your casts.

Look for Chasers

When fish are caught out of the school, it's common for other fish to follow them. You can take advantage of these following fish by casting a bait near the hooked fish. To prevent getting tangled up, make sure that you communicate with the other anglers on the boat. If your bait doesn't get bit immediately, be prepared to reel your line back in quickly.

Tighten Your Drag

Although screaming drag is awesome to hear, if your drag is too loose, your fish can run into other lines. When you hook a fish, gradually tighten your drag as the fish tires.

Safety First

Small private boat charters can be chaotic. If you aren't careful, you can end up with a hand full of hooks or cuts from a braided line.

Use Pliers

Nothing ruins a small group boat charter like a treble hook to the hand. You can prevent a dangerous situation by always using pliers to remove your hooks from fish.


It's natural to reach for your line when swinging a boat on deck. However, a braided line can wrap around your hands and cut you very quickly. Always wear gloves to prevent the line from cutting into your hands.

For more tips, contact a local small group private charter service.

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