Activity Ideas For Thrill-Seeking Teens

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If you have teenagers who you label as thrill-seekers, it can be fun to look for exciting activities for them to try. You can look for options around your area, but don't shy away from researching some suitable ideas when you're traveling, too. Many families with thrill-seeking teenagers enjoy visiting amusement parks, given the number of attractions that are available to provide plenty of thrills. There are lots of other places for you and your teens to explore, however, and experiencing each of these activities can give your teens some sizable thrills that they won't soon forget.

High Ropes Course

A high ropes course center offers all sorts of activities that can appeal to thrill-seeking teenagers. Many of these centers are located in forest settings, but you'll also find others in urban locations — often indoors. If your teens haven't visited a high ropes course in the past, you can expect that they'll be excited about doing so. High ropes courses have many different ways to test your teens' abilities. They'll climb rope netting, make their way across rope and wood ladders, and even ride short ziplines — all high off the ground.

Jet Boat Ride

If you're visiting somewhere that has a large body of water near it, a jet boat ride can be another thrill-seeking idea to explore. These specialized boats are powered by jet engines, which allows them to travel at a very high rate of speed. It can feel as though they're barely touching the water, which can provide intense feelings of excitement. Jet boats are so fast that passengers wear specialized harnesses to hold them securely in their seats, especially when the boat hits a wave and jostles everyone around. You can be certain that this experience will be the fastest your teens will have ever traveled across the water.

Helicopter Ride

For teens who are eager to take their thrill-seeking attitude high above the ground, booking a helicopter ride can be fun. Even if your children have flown in airplanes in the past, they probably haven't been in a helicopter — and there's no denying that this method of transportation can be a thrill. The noise of the rotors, the need to wear a headset, and the tight environment can all help to create an exciting and memorable experience. Helicopter rides are available in several different lengths and are easy to find in lots of locations.

For more information about what to do with your teenagers, contact a local tourism office.

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