4 Useful Airport Parking Services

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Before you choose where to park your vehicle at the airport, take some time to look at your options. Some parking companies offer various services which you will find useful. Which extra services should you look for?

1. Discount Rates

It pays to look for discount deals before you book airport parking. You might not have to pay full price to book a space if you shop around. For example, some parking companies reduce their standard rates if you book parking in advance online. Some might give you a customized discount deal if you need to book on a regular schedule, say if you want a monthly parking deal. If you're happy to book for a few months or even longer, you could get a better discount.

2. Reward Programs

Some airport parking companies have reward programs. Typically, you earn points every time you make a booking with them. These points soon add up. Once you reach a certain number of points, you can claim rewards such as extra discounts or even a free booking.

3. Shuttle Services

Don't assume that airport parking lots that are close to the terminal are the best option. While a parking lot next to the airport is more convenient, you can still use lots which are further away. Often, these lots are cheaper, so you could save some money.

Look for companies that offer free shuttle services. Here, you park your vehicle, collect your luggage, and take a shuttle bus to your terminal. You have to factor in a little more time, but you could get a cheaper parking package.

4. Extra Assistance

Some airport parking companies offer free extra services to help make the move from your car to the terminal go more smoothly. So, for example, some companies will unload your luggage from your car when you park up. They then carry your luggage to the airport for you. You simply pick it up again when you get into your terminal.

If you have any special circumstances or needs, then look for parking companies that'll go the extra mile. For example, if you're traveling with someone in a wheelchair, then some companies will let you park outside the terminal. They help you unload your car before taking it to the lot to park it for you.

To find out more about short-term parking and monthly airport parking, contact the companies with lots at your local airport.

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