How To Plan The Ultimate Staycation

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Who says you have to go far to get away? A staycation can be a great way to vacation without going too far from home. In fact, staying in your hometown might open your eyes to new things to experience in your neck of the woods.

These are some of the ways to ensure that you plan the ultimate staycation in your own town.

Find a Hotel in Your Hometown

A hotel in your hometown may be the perfect place to stay as you explore your town or city. Staying in a new place and experiencing your city from a new perspective may help you remember why you fell in love with your city to begin with.

Visit a Local Museum

A local museum may not be as appealing when you know your area pretty well, but a staycation can change that. You might even learn something that you didn't know about a place you've lived for decades, or you might learn about some aspect of local culture you were unfamiliar with.

Check Out a New Park

Perhaps you always check out one specific park in your city to walk or play with the kids, but a new park might become a new favorite. You might find a new walking trail, new greenery, or a body of water that you can enjoy any time.

Visit a New Coffee Shop

If you typically visit a coffee chain, visiting a local shop will be a great change. A local shop could become your new hangout during the week.

Participate in a New Outdoor Activity

Is there a local hike you've never done? Is there a golf course in your city you've never explored? Now is a good time to take things outside and explore, especially as the weather warms up. Your new locale in a hotel can make outdoor exploration a lot more fun.

Visit the Salon or Spa

If you love to relax, visiting a salon or spa can be a great way to spend your staycation. Your local spas can offer massages, facials, saunas, and other treatments that help you feel your best.

The Benefits of a Staycation

A staycation can help you connect with yourself and your city in a new way. It is also a great way to connect with your family while also saving money you would have spent on a vacation to a distant locale. A staycation in a local hotel can change the game.

If you need some help determining which place to stay in during your staycation, visit this hotel site for more options.

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